The QSG was formed on the 9th December 1991 at the White House, Bishopthorpe, York. Founding members were Richard Wood, Hugh Bowman, Nigel Elliot, John Lofthouse and Ricky Richardson.

The aim was for a group of ex players to try and raise some much needed funds to help and support York RUFC both spiritually and financially in the modern professional era, and to try and attain national rugby whilst have a good time into the bargain.

York RUFC climbed the leagues and actually finished third in North One in 1995 only two places off National Rugby.

Unfortunately since then things have not gone so well for the club but we are still proud to be part of York RUFC.

From the beginning certain members were very keen that the QSG had its own tie and suggested a navy blue tie with a think discreet purple stripe. Very tasteful, unfortunately for the members the now newly appointed chairman had other ideas. He purchased a box of Quality Street, took the colours off it and incorporated them with the green, black and white of York RUFC. The symbolism being that even though the QSG is an entity of its own it is first and foremost part of York RUFC.
The tie had an unexpected effect instead of being the centre of derision some people actually liked it and the colours were certainly noticeable. It was at this time that the club ran a Presidents XV v The Unicorns game, in which Gavin and Scott Hastings both played, they were immediately awarded honorary membership and presented with their ties. Scott suggested we enter a team in the HK10′s as the colours would go down really well! We duly entered a team in 1994 and even though Scott couldn’t play Gavin did and captained, not bad! British lions captain in New Zealand 1993, QSG captain in Hong Kong 1994. It doesn’t get any better than that!
This then lead to other tours to Muscat in Oman, Hong Kong and Dubai and we were fortunate to have some really good players play for us more to the point they were also really top men into the bargain and we were delighted to have them represent us.

The reason we have not been on more tours is as usual a difficulty in raising sponsorship which is a complete mystery considering the celebrities that have played for us and remain associated with us.

Below is a list of Honorary QSG Members & Associates…
Jeff Alexander – QSG Dubai 7′s Capt 2000 & 2001
Steve Jack – Quality Street Brand Manager
Neil Atkin -Neil Atkins from Intercity-Sponsor of the QSG
Ian Jeffrey -From Intercity-Sponsor of the QSG
Bill Calcraft – Works for UBS Past Sponsor if the QSG Team John Kerr -Scotland A
Mark Calderwood – Rugby League Player
Jason Leonard – England & British Lions
Sandy Carmichael – Scotland 1967-72 and British Lions Sean Lineen – Scotland
Craig Chalmers – Scotland & British Lions
Kenny Logan – Scotland
Geoff Cooke – England & Lions Manager
Cammy Mather – Scotland
Damian Cronin – Scotland & British Lions
Willie John McBride – Ireland and British/Irish Lions
Terry Crystal – QSG Hon. Doctor
Barry McDermott – Rugby League Player & Coach
Lawrence Dallagio – England & British Lions
Hugh Mchardy – Scotland B
Tom David – Wales 1973-76
Dave McIvor – Scotland
John Dawes – Wales & British Lions Captian, Welsh Coach Bill McLaren – Rugby Commentator
Dave Duckham – England & British Lions
Kenny Milne – Scotland & British Lions
Sean Fitzpatrick – New Zealand Captain
Andy Nicol – Scotland Captain & British Lions
Dan Gough – Quality Street Brand Manager
Dean Richards – England & British Lions
Gavin Hastings -Scotland & British Lions Captain
Mike Roberts – Wales & British Lions
Scott Hastings – Scotland & British Lions
Keith Robertson – Scotland
Euan Hastings – Watsonians
Joe Roff – Australia
David Hempleman-Adams – Explorer
Eric Rush – All Blacks and RUGBY 7′S Star
David Henderson – Watsonians and Oxford University Captain
Marcus Smith – QSG Captain
Damian Hopley – Wasps and England player now runs Prof. Rugby Players Assoc.
Gregor Townsend – Scotland & British/Irish Lions
Phil Hopley – England A
Doddie Weir – Scotland & British/Irish Lions
Simon Hunter – England A
Peter Winterbottom – England & British Lions
John Inverdale – T.V. & Radio presenter
Peter Wright – Scotland & British Lions